Vision & Mission

About Our Mission

Our mission is to develop Jamuna Ram Degree College into a premier center of academic excellence by furthering and nurturing the competencies of the students so that they evolve into successful human beings. This we plan to do by providing them with a high quality, value based, holistic orientation in the various fields of life so that they may achieve competitive excellence. Quality education is conceptualized as an education that develops the mind, instills problem solving skills and the ability to think creatively. Good teachers of quality characterize the teaching faculty of our college.

About Our Vision

Our vision is to preserve and attain the loftiest standard of excellence and prepare the present and the succeeding generations to face and overcome the challenges of life. Besides imparting quality education, Jamuna Ram Post Graduate College has taken a resolute vow to promote the overall development of the students. The education of marginalized students are a gladdening reality through non-formal learning.

Value: The college's values have been construed keeping in mind the perceptions of great and noble personalities like R. N. Tagore, Vivekanand, Krishnamurthi. We aim to inculcate aesthetic values in the tender minds of the students right from the preprimary level so that they may face every challenge in life smoothly. Value Education is an integral of the college curriculum and the importance of the Indian value system which is an inherent part of our culture, will be imbibed by our students at every stage of their growth

Imagination : We may define imagination as an art of using the mind's eye. We want our students to be innovative and creative and so we train them to be spontaneous and provide them with an environment in which they are free to explore the world of creativity through their imaginations. The college's dream is to generate a clean climate for discerning minds. Success in hospitality begins with us. We have sworn to see our students become distinguished individuals in possession of all the qualities and characteristics that go into the making of holistic human beings.

System : The education in Jamuna Ram Post Graduate College is often theme and need based. Every student is given a chance to take part in the live presentation because this aids in building up the confidence of the student. Thus we follow a pre-defined system where due emphasis is laid on all the aspects of growth and development of a student. It includes not only the student's academic but also his emotional, physical and social development as well.

Insight : The college is committed to nurturing, motivating and inspiring the future generations of our nation .We believe in learning by doing. The Inside Outside method of education is encouraged. Individual work within a team framework is essential to the development of interdependence. Learning life skills is equally important.

Organisation : The base of our organization was laid one decades ago. The avowed mission of generating sound citizens has been met with oft-quoted exemplary success by all our branches. We too, plan to imitate and walk this path enriching it further as there is always room for more at the top. The beautiful building has an Eco-friendly & enriching ambience and all relevant high standard facilities. It has spacious lecture theater, subject labs, Arts & Crafts Room, library, Common Room for Girls etc..

Novelty : Our college has a lot in store for you.

1.Labs- It has well equipped high tech labs with various modern amenities for students.
2.Common Room for Girls
3.Library- Reading is a good habit and is the key to success. A good Library supports learning, and teaching. Books are an indispensable academic requirement and are provided to encourage the reading habit in a student. The college has a spacious reading room that contains an extensive collection of books of ethical value, general information and a fine number of reference books.
4.An informal and open door culture and a secular outlook.